The online slot game Gem Savior Conquest was designed by PGSLOT to be a thrilling journey,

so let’s find the priceless gem from the evil witch. With this online slot game, players may start on a mission to vanquish the witch. The witch possesses several gorgeous stones. Until the knight or strongman triumphs, you must wait.

Gem Savior Conquest is a six-reel, six-row video slot featuring the WILDS ON THE WAY feature, which rewards unique multipliers on each free spin. Free fall system in which freshly acquired symbols replace previously earned ones. This allows players to win numerous times in a succession with a single wager and spin button push. There are between 576 and 46,656 ways to win the game. Obviously, bonuses never succeed.

Gem Savior Conquest demo slot game symbols

There are two categories of popular reward symbols in Gem Savior Conquest: high-yielding gem symbols and high-yielding symbols. and a collection of card symbols with diminished rewards. On the payline, at least three symbols must show. The payment rate for that symbol is instantly applied. Below is a list of the eleven winning symbols for this game.

The emblem of the White Diamond It has a 150-time maximum payout.

Sixty times is the maximum payment for the red heart symbol.

pink hexagonal gem symbol Maximum reward increased by forty violet pentagonal gem symbols. There is a 30-time maximum payout rate.

blue square gem symbol There is a 15-time maximum payout rate.

green triangular gem symbol There is a 15-time maximum payout rate.

The highest result achievable for the letter A is 10.

The highest possible payout for the letter K is 10 times its face value.

The letter Q has a maximum payout of four times its face value.

There are four times as many results for the letter J.

The number 10 symbol has a maximum payout of four times.

Special Symbols of the Slot Machine Game Gem Savior Conquest

There are two sorts of special symbols that boost the odds of winning in the adventure slot game Gem Savior Conquest. In addition, they may be used to unlock a bonus game mode with a certain multiplier rate. Below is a full explanation of each of the many symbols.

wild symbol

This game’s wild symbol is a young guy with the word WILD, which appears exclusively on reels 2 through 5. The wild sign’s primary role is to substitute for any of the 11 conventional winning symbols, excluding the scatter symbol. irreplaceable The wild symbol is also a distinguishing aspect of the game.

scatter sign

The Gem Savior Conquest slot machine game contains a witch scatter icon with the word SCATTER that can activate the special mode of all 12 free spins, with extra free spins granted if more than 4 Scatter symbols occur 2 times for each subsequent Scatter symbol. go

Game Unique Features Gem Savior Conquest

The Gem Savior Conquest contains two categories of unique characteristics. Both of them make earning prizes in normal mode simpler. In addition, there is a unique bonus function that delivers win multiplier bonuses. Each characteristic is explained in depth below.

The Wilds on the Way function.

In all game types, the Wilds on the Way feature is triggered, increasing the size of a symbol at random. There are between two and four vertical places on the slot machine table. It features a border of silver. If the symbols within the silver frame result in a victory A new symbol will arise at random in the same location. Prepare to alter the frame’s color to gold. In addition, if this golden frame’s symbols win again, it will transform into a giant wild symbol. Improve the game by encouraging the chance of obtaining various game rewards.

Free Spins Bonus Features

When four or more Scatter symbols are present. The bonus for free spins will be enabled. In this enhanced function A strength indicator is shown above the icon. After each triumph, the witch’s power meter steadily diminishes. and the rate of winning will be doubled. And suppose the square symbol appears on the table of a standard slot machine. Payments will be made. It will be possible to rapidly convert into a massive golden banner.

So: Review of Gem Savior Conquest Online Slot The online adventure slot machine game Gem Savior Conquest by PGSLOT is a PNG SLOT game. The mechanism is essentially a six-reel, six-row video slot with around 40,000 potential winning combinations. Easy compared to other games The visuals and action of this online slot machine game are unparalleled. This guarantees that there are no interruptions or delays during the game. In addition, players win bonuses of up to 500 times their wager. Which games are currently suggested to play? There are no added benefits for delaying!

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